APRIL 04, 2017


When Urban Chestnut Brewing Company gave us the lowdown on a new beer release they talked about making this one different than all of the other designs. After all, it’s a different beer.

Sold only in the city of St. Louis.

And only on-premise, no store sales.

So Marketing28 went about the design process by ignoring everything that had come before in an effort to make this can stand out as being truly different than anything else we created for UCBC. The result is a completely hand-drawn can utilizing black ink only.

We decided that letting the aluminum shine through also set the can apart, and added a dull varnish coat over the whole can to keep it from being so glossy that it would be hard to read.

We then created posters and ads teasing the upcoming arrival, followed by slightly modified reveal ads/posters for the launch on, appropriately enough, national puppy day.. The beer has been a hit, and we’d like to think the arresting design played a big part. Even though it’s a tasty lager, which doesn’t hurt!

Looking to try Urban Underdog, or one of the other beers that we designed the cans for? Look for them around the St. Louis area, and also the next time you're at a Cardinals game! After all, what's more STL than beer and baseball?

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